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When is it gonna hit home that iwnet and dlc system DO NOT WORK FOR PC COD?




I for one will NEVER buy another cod that preferences iwnet over RANKED DEDICATED SERVERS


As for dlc, at its best days of selling, all it achieved was a split in the codmw2 and black ops communities, at its worst it has sold so few copies as to be not even worth the devs efforts to make on pc, (mw3) , this is proof the pc community have woken up.


By all means keep iwnet and the current dlc program availablre for the consoles..


For us pc gamers, bring back RANKED DEDICATED SERVERS, and  inbuilt map packs, that come with an increase of base price for pc users.. or simply ,from the profits you already make, give us free map packs


You have lost the majority of the pc fps community to your fiercest rivals ( who have gladly taken over your pc market share) and with games from rekoil to ex iw respawn, your share is about to dwindle further.


GIVE US PC COD GAMERS WHAT WE HAD ON COD4, we deserve a return to the "glory days" of cod pc gaming


    Agreed +1


    IWNet does absolutely nothing but strip away ALL of our options, choices, customization, and features. While at the same time shortening the game's life span AND making it highly accessable to hackers/cheaters.



    When you look at it that way it's no surprise really...


    They want the game to have a short life span because they think that means more people will rush out to buy the next CoD title (when in reality all they're doing is hurting future profits from current and future titles)


    They want the game to be highly accessable to hackers/cheaters because they make a fair bit of profit off of it (either by selling hacks themselves via a website they own, or by deals under the table with hack providers.... a cut of the profit for making the game hacker friendly)



    As far as DLC goes, they don't have to make them all free, they could charge for them and I think most people would buy if they had just done 2 main things.


    Maintained the same level of suppot that was in CoD4 (ranked dedi's, customization/options, modding tools)


    Released the mapmaking tools alongside (or even as part of) the final DLC for each game.




    They are beyond stupid to think they are actually increasing their PC profits by scamming and screwing over the PC customer. With just a little maintained support over the years, their PC sales for MW2, BO, and MW3 could easily have been triple what they were.


    That's not even taking into account the # of sales they would continue to make over the years. CoD4 still has more players than MW2, BO, or MW3... and I have no doubt it still sells better than MW2....