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MW3 Console Promod

Wouldn't it be cool if us console users had promod? (Similar to GameBattles) if you are reading this and don't know what promod is it is basically a 1:45 SnD match with no perks, and set classes. it has only been available to pc users because of the customization that the pc can get, or you could create something similar with a private match but it takes a long time and some people don't have many friends to play with.


What the rules should be:

Custom Class restrictions-


2 AR's (one is usually the AK-47)

1 Shotgun (The best would probably be the Spas or the KSG because of fire rate and such)

1 Sniper rifle

Secondary: Desert Eagle


Frags only

Smoke only

no perks

no killstreaks


Game Rules-

Timer: 1:45

Gamemode: Search and Destroy

Rounds: 10

Rounds to win: 6

Point value: +50 per kill (minus headshots, paybacks, etc), +100 for plant and defuse

Respawning during rounds: No

1 sniper per team at a time (The first player to choose it keeps it until they change classes or leave)

Unlimited shotgunners

unlimited Smg users

2 AR users

Maps: Bootleg, Lockdown, Dome, Hardhat, Seatown, Arkaden, Mission, Underground, Fallen, Village, and Carbon.


If you read this post, please comment if you think it should be in the game, or if you have any suggestions.