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International Honky Team [PC] is now recruiting for MW3!

International Honky Team [PC] is now recruiting semi-competive players for fun public games


We're about 10-12 players and most of us plays with a competive mind set and has a KD at 2+.
Since most of us are pretty skilled players (except Molotov) we always win games in public matches, where we usually play Kill Confirmed, Domination and some times Team Defender. Otherwise, if other clans are up for it, we like to do clan wars as well.
All players in the clan is at age 17+ and we expect a certain amount "Matureness" from our members, which basicly means that squeakers can go to hell. Also we expect every member to have a microphone and be able to talk (not a little amount ) and we use Skype to talk.
We also like to make some fun of people (even people in the clan) so if you're easily offended then you should consider joining another clan. Though every thing we say is with a nice touch


To sum up things:
We usually play KC, Dom and sometimes TDF
Minimum age: 16
Microphone and Skype is required
Preferly a KD of 2+ and an objetive and team oriented game style
We mainly play in the evenings and now when everybody gets summer holidays we'll play more during afternoons as well.
Don't be too easily offended


We sadly dont have a homepage/forum yet, though we'll work on that and it should be up during the summer.


So please, if u like our way of being and got the minimum requiresments you are more than welcome to add/contact me or Boom (the leader) on Steam.


Steam info:
Me: IHT' LoTuZ
Boom: IHT' Boom


Best regards
The adminstrators of International Honky Team!