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|-AusEliiTeZ-| ---- New Members Needed for a New clan ----

Name: -AusEliiTeZ-

Tag: -AE-

Level: 2

Info: We are a new clan our Clan KD ratio is * 1.07 *, we enrol and play all clan op matchs,  we are Australians as this is an Australian clan ( You can still join if your International as long as you know Enlgish ). We love to play Call Of Duty: MW3 and MW2. We have a clan youtube channel AusEliiTeZ, uploading as much as we can when we can. We ahve friendly members. You also have a choice if you want to change your name to AE (YourName), it is very Optional will not be forced.

Requirements: For you to join this clan you must Know/Have the following:-

- Must know english

- Have an appropriate additude

- Must be Mature

- Dont Rage quit/leave

- Must be atleast level 80 (no prestige)


Thats it guys well i hope you join -AusEliiTeZ-, we hope to see you there.


Contact me if you need via:

Facebook Page -  -AusEliiTeZ- Clan

Twitter - @AusEliiTeZClan

Skype - ipommy

Youtube - AusEliiTeZ


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