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13th Marine Expeditionary Unit is recruiting COD:MW3 players now for all platforms, with a special emphasis on PC-platformed guys.

Our clan is several-years-old, and set-up effectively. We're based around Call of Duty: MW3, Battlefield 3 and Free 2 Play games (Team Fortress and Play 4 Free). Players of different games are formed into appropriate squads, each having its Leader and Assistant, who effectively run then and do person-to-person communication. We're using Teamspeak 3 for talking, and we have our own server for that, but during practices (games which you should attend, happens at least once or twice a week) we can just as well use Steam's voice chat.

But first of all, we're a group of friends who enjoy playing this game. There are no particular requirements towards age or nationlity (we all are different) and no requirement towards skill level. We talk much and we know each other personally. I can tell that there is not a single bad guy here, only positive, funny and outgoing ones.

If I've caught your attention, please proceed to our website:


There you'll have to write an application and pass a basic test after that, and you're set to go with us, one of the best clans there are!

With respect,

Skarbrand, Leader of the Nighthawks squad.