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One shot kills

I just played one game of Demolition on Village literally 3 minute ago. I got killed in one shot, it was in fact to the head though, but regardless, one shot by 4 different guns. I watched the killcam in case it was a communication error where I see 1 or 2 hitmarkers, and he sees 4 or 5.  It was not. I died in one shot to the head from an ACR silenced, a Scar-L silenced, an M4A1 with some attachment I didn't see, and lastly by the G36C. I went back in theater, because all of this happened relatively early in the game, and I checked, and they all got 1 hit marker and I died. When I would try to kill them I would fire an entire mag and get no hit markers, or at least 7+ with my Scar-L no attachments/proficiencies. I have a 4 bar connection every game, so that is not the cause. I wanna know whawt's going on here. Did the last title update make it possible to kill anyone with a single headshot? Are those kids hackers? I'd really like to know, because it's frustrating me that I couldn't play more than 2 minutes of a game of demolition without dieing 12 times consecutively to single headshots from assault rifles.