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Game is completely unplayable....

tch Hydra

Yesterday I got a new connecting from work. Every employee gets glassfiber 150mb connection.


Great, now I can enjoy every single online game without ANY lag .


Except for this PoS, because mentally retarded developers use some ****** up logic.


Every single ******* round I play, I am extremely far behind of what enemies see.


**** you.

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    Welcome to the world of Modern Warfare 3 and IWnet matchmaking (aka P2P)



    The game has been completely unplayable pretty much since day one. The only way to get ANY enjoyment or gameplay whatsoever is on the unranked dedi's, which were poisoned and sabotaged so badly by IW/SH that they're virtually abandoned now.


    As a PC gamer I am personally insulted by the 2 "free" maps they gave us.


    It is nothing but a big F**K YOU to the entire PC community to release free content that is completely useless!!


    The game is so broken and unplayable on IWNet that for all intents and purposes MW3 may as well not even have multiplayer included at all....


    As of right now Modern Warfare 3 is a single player PC game and nothing more.

    and it will remain a single player game until they add fully functional ranked dedicated servers.



    In all honesty your only option is to do what I have done (along with 50,000+ other people) and just quit playing MW3 altogether. Go back to BO or CoD4 and enjoy some quality gameplay while waiting for a good replacement to come out.


    I'm personally hoping the new MOH game is good enough to compete with CoD.... Pretty much ANY fps title released right now could easily be a CoD killer if polished correctly and released with just the slightest hint of support.

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      tch Hydra

      Waiting for MOH/CS:GO/(maybe even BO2 if it's actually pc friendly...)

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      ive never been a huge fan of battlefield1 or 2 , i much preferred cod4, same with each game release since cod4 , waw was good for a while, i went back to cod4, mw2 was instant crap, went back to cod4, bo1 was ****** up for first 3-4 months,by time it stablised i had already went back to cod4, mw3 ? i tried and tried played plenty of frustrating hours on lagnet iwnet for ranking only, i campaigned for ranked server till i had enough, so finally gave up at start of may, so tried bf3, and to my surprise, it is pretty dang good.. so my gaming hours are spent mostly on bf3 and some cod4 on our mod server,

      its a pity the devs dont give a **** about pc gaming, instead of dumbing us down to shitbox standards, they should be pushing the limits on the pc experience.. my tuppenceworth.  cod's loss is bf's gain..  ive already bought bf3 premium, but havent bothered with mw3 dlc's for a broken game.