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Mature Xbox UK clan looking to recruit like minded pro & pub players.




I am one of the recruitment officers for Horizons, a mature gaming clan.


I am here to build up our European squad & thought i would see if you would be interested in joining us. We run both pub matches and competetive scrims.


About us:

We are all over the age of 17

We mainly play FPS games like Blops, MW3 & BF3

A few of our clan mates play Halo, Forza, Minecraft and other games as well

We mainly play objective pub matches (dom, ctf, search, team tac & barebones) but we enjoy scrims with other clans & have them as often as we can.





If you are interested in joining us, the only thing we ask of our members is that:

You game frequently

You check the website frequently

You understand that maturity is about having fun and a laugh with like minded people but NOT ******** when you lose & not trash talking in the lobby.

If the other team are having fun trash talking, thats fine. Simply beat them in game and respond with a 'good game' once its done.



If you are interested, you can either add me to your friends list for a few games  and if we all agree that you will fit in you will be added to the recruitment roster.

Alternatively, reply to this message with your gamer tag and i will get you added andgaming with you ASAP.



Feel free to check out our new clan website, we are currently bringing in new recruits and moving our old members from a previous website.

Website: www.horizonclan.enjin.com


Cheers & all the best,