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What the heck has MW3 turned into ???


     Bout a month or so I decided i was not going to prestige anymore. Just play every so often for clan ops and to kill time.


But the past few days Ive done worse than when i first got the game. Spawns are crazy stupid, Lag is all kinds of insane. Yes lag has been an issue since way back when but dang !!!!!! Its almost never ending some games. I always feel half a second behind.


     I guess it was a good thing i put away this game and started playing Gran Turismo, Tiger Woods and Fifa again. Because i hust cant play like how i used to. Its not the same, nor will it ever be. Its kinda sad to say, but this game is super broken. I do one day hope it all gets fixed but im not gunna hold my breathe.


     Another thing is, people on these forums are getting a lil bit annoying. Over powered weapons, over powered perks, trophy system needs a nerf, I want emblems, I want new weapons, i want maps from past games, blah blah blah !!!!


     We as a COD community need to calm down. New maps and emblems and weapons would be nice. But i would trade all that in for this game to work right. I sure most of yall would too. There are too many WANTS in for this game. The NEEDS have been overlooked by IW and all parties connected. Including gamers. I work hard for my money. And being in the military makes it hard to play when i want. But given the game has been out for awhile, im positive iv gotten my moneys worth 10 fold.


     So posts im seeing about people wanting refunds and stuff like that because they havent gotten emblems yet or because Lag is bad is just ludacris. Because I for one rent before i buy. So if you didnt like this game or were upset about IW before, thats probably what you should have done. that would have cut half the gamers we see on here posting bout camping or QS'rs, deathstreaks or support packages.


     In closing, im happy with the game. Not 100% but hey its a videogame. A way to pass time, chill with friends in a lobby and most importantly HAVE FUN.

     Thanks for reading and please no hate. This is just something i had to get off my chest.


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    Have you tried playing MW2 recently?! Looooooooooooool!!! You'll be glad MW3 and Black Ops even function at all online!! They've killed the greatest game ever... R.I.P. MW2... you'll be sorely missed!!!

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      I actually have been playing MW2 recently. Its pretty messed up what people have done to that game. Blops i played months ago because i was bored and i really couldnt get into it. The graphics and how slow paced it was killed me. I never saw any hacks though. And games were easy to find with not much lag. But im sure at how people have been talking i just pretty much got lucky that day.

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    Lag is iffy.  Sometimes I can kill everyone on the other team easy, except like one person.  He sometimes is the one with a .5 K/D and goes like 3 and 10 and I am those 3 kills.  It's just the hosting that gets me.  MW2 hosting wasnt that bad, and what I mean by wasn't that bad was it was god mode and internet companies were happy because people were getting better quality internet.

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    couldn't agree more.


    this community has become so self indulged it's saddening.



    only things that need patching is the lag comp and spawn logic and it could be the best CoD yet IMO

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    What exactly is the problem with the game?

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    It does seem like MW3 has gotten bad.. Im always a victim of horrible lag and i just die over and over again by people that i never even see and then watch the kill cam and the guy is right in front of me..But when i get frustrated with this i put in black ops and suddenly start killing everyone and dying very few times..But i do keep trying with MW3, hopefully ill get good results one day..

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    Ahh GT5 how a game should be made. I may need to put that in today it has been a while since I have run some laps

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    Nothing more frustrating than always being on the bad end of lag. Or dying 5 times a single match because some guy refuses to use Blindeye but continue to follow you as if he wants to share outfits. Grrr



    Yea those games had been calling my name for awhile now. I forgot how fun and seriously addicting GT5 was.


         It is a love/hate relationship with this game. But we all fail to realize is that its a videogame first. Paying money for a game that has no basis on reality what's so ever. And with the COD gaming community as big as it is not just in the US but world wide, we gotta expect lag issues and perks and weapons that don't necessarily make everyone happy.


         So just like all past COD games, we must take what we can get and hope that the next one is better. As much as id hate to call 90% of the people on this forums site hipocrites. Thats what they are going to be when Blops 2 comes out. Ones that said they are leaving forever and playing BF3 exclusivly.


         No matter what we are all going to play the next game. Some of us will even"just like this one" pay for it in advance and camp out at their local gamestop just to be one of the first to have it. But its ok fellas........thats what we do, thats what makes us gamers !!! The new game with new promises with a new storyline.


         Then within 2 weeks of playing, or even sooner. The forums are filled with what this one is filled in with now. Haters wanting more and more. And even more hate for the campers and noobs......

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    Thank god that stuffs not happening on my 3DS! That would suck. It would proly make me quit for a while. I know they are making updates all the time, so just be patient and all will be well.

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    I wouldn't say the lag is so bad that I can't do well lol and I wouldn't blame lag when I do crap either.

    Usually it's a case of been out gunned and crying lag.


    Only lag I have is on some games it can jump for a few seconds.


    As for moaners it's a game that people want to be made better in the same way you want lag fixing for you I want quick scopers barred from cod lol


    I think if people can't handle the crap on the forum they shouldn't use the forum

    Just like you think if you don't like the bs in mw3 then don't play it lol

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      Well said.

           But forums arnt only there to trash talk the game. For a while now thats all its been used for. That and the few sniping montages and weapon videos.

           And about the OUT GUNNED part, thats far and few. Since apparently everyone uses MP7 or ACR. Not saying its a bad thing but when you get 4 hitmarkers then the guy turns an kills you asap.....nahhhh, shouldnt happen.


           But it is what it is though

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    I don't really see what everyones problem is with the MP7 and ACR? I can go games with 30 kills to like 5 or 6 deaths? and run and gun, shoot and move, if i can rank up quickly with those two guns then whats the problem?