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My first double moab!

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    LMAO! I like how you 'curtsy' right when you reload (most of the time)! It's just funny, don't take it personally. I am a prestige 16/80 with a k/d 2.04 and w/l 60%. I have never gotten a moab myself and I am beginning to wonder why? Good vid and good movement in game Dragoon!



    MOAB's can only be achieved through gun kills then, right?

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      Lol I noticed that in my videos a lot too.  I do it because I feel that it increases my chances of survival a bit.  If I see an enemy I'll hold down R3 longer to dropshot aha.  You will get a MOAB soon, because you seem to be an experienced player. 

      My tips to get a MOAB for you are

      1)play to win, winning is more important than the moab

      2)continue practicing your favorite mode

      3)recognize spawnpoints

      4)use suppressor with extended mags

      5)use specialist

      6)play with at least 1 person in your party(playing solo sucks)


      Yes, MOABs can only be achieved through gun kills.  Thanks for the compliments and good luck!

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    Nice. Actually playing the objective and still getting MOAB. I was once playing on Interchange and almost got 2 MOABS. But I ended up not getting even one. I went 22-0 and died then went 23-0 and died again in the same game. So close. Saved it in my vault.

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      Thanks!  I totally know what you mean! Don't you just hate gettin' buzzkilled on a moab? Aha.  I almost got another double moab at arkaden the same day as this one, but I got killed on my second moab streak at about 20. =[

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    Pretty beast my max killstreak is 18. I need to work my way up still.

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    Well done played the objective while your team needed to take control of the match. Cant fault you guys for holding 2 flags and defending once you guys had control of the game, pretty much what my clan does on some of the maps. Very similar playstyle to one of our clanmates who who gets the most MOABS.

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    Nice double MOAB! Ive only got a handful of MOABS and rarely go for them, im almost 19th prestige so youd think i would have plenty! since about prestige 12 i just started playing for fun i suppose as i was too serious on this game, enjoy it more till a camper kills you on a streak or matyrdom haha! Hope to see the triple moab soon

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    Nice vid man!! Playing the objective and kicking ass!!!


    You should speak to GuyGamer about why no one likes his non-objective MOAB.


    Keep up the good work!!

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    Nice video, but I have to ask you what your connection is like & your network settings?


    Btw GT fan? I liked how they made ssj4 and the plot of the dragons, but overall it was nowhere near as good as what Toriyama's dragonball Z was like. Just didn't feel the same.