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No Limit Elites - Growing Clan! Forums, Elite and MLG! PS3 Only Join Now!


  Hey ! No Limit Elites Is i growng Call of duty clan, We have an elite page, a forums with chatbox site and are going to be getting involved with MLG


we are Ps3 only. Looking for more premium mebers for Clan Ops, host lobbies daily.


Also for people who enjoy the forums, I'm looking for forum staff. need recruitment officer and PS3 Mods. if interested sign up for the forums and let me know






CoD Elite page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/95480#clan-operations


No Limit Elites Forums: http://nolimitelites.forumotion.ca/


Any questions just ask me! Join the forums and i will add you on elite.