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New clan for casual gamers

Hi there! Looking for a community of gamers to hang out with and have some fun playing games? Want to be a part of that community and help it grow? Then Blacksword's Den Gaming might be for you!


Blacksword's Den Gaming is a new clan/gaming community for pretty much everyone. We're mostly composed of casual gamers, but hardcore gamers are welcome as well. While most of our members are on the PC, we're looking to expand to the 360, specifically to Call of Duty and other popular titles.


Interested in writing, roleplaying, movies, music, or art? Then you'll find Blacksword's Den Gaming to be an even better fit to you as it is a subsection of the website Blacksword's Den, which focuses on the interests mentioned previously. You don't have to be a member of Blacksword's Den to join the Blacksword's Den Gaming clan though, so don't worry! Anyone is welcome!


So, if you're into gaming and you want to join a new, friendly community of fellow gamers, then check out Blacksword's Den Gaming at www.blackswordsdengaming.webs.com


Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or message me on xbox at the username BlackswordSteve.