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    kastro187420 wrote:


    They tried to address camping by treating it like a problem instead of a symptom. Camping is a symptom of people being terrible at the game. You can't fix it by taking away certain features from people. You have to address the problem of people not being good at the game. Make it so that they don't feel the need to camp.


    If you don't do that, then you're just wasting time and effort on "fixes".


    Too bad IW's attempt at making people 'feel like they don't need to camp' is pocket nukes, final stand, stealth bombers, akimbo secondaries, etc.

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    Can't be bothered to read through the last few pages of this thread but just in case it hasn't been answered yet:


    Are IW planning on patching the hacks on PS3 or are they just going to leave it as it is (like CoD4 & MW2)?

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    Since BO2 is right around the corner, I'll do my final review on MW3.


    This post isn't to bash or insult the devs/community staff but to offer constructive criticism on how the game was overall. Also, this just my opinion and I know people here will have difference in opinion regarding MW3.


    I will be covering the positives of MW3 and the negatives surrounding the game including Single Player, Survival Mode, Spec Op Missions & Multiplayer




    + Campaign - I enjoyed it. First COD campaign that I decided to play on Veteran. In my opinion, IW have been great on their campaigns and MW3 was one of them. Soundtrack was amazing as well and fit the campaign story well.


    + Survival Mode - I found multiplayer unplayable so I spent the first few months just playing Survival Mode with a couple of buddies of mine who were having the same issues with multiplayer.


    Survival Mode was actually quite enjoyable but I know there could have been more done to increase the longevity of the mode. I think 4 player co-op would have made the mode better & the devs could have taken a similar approach with weapon upgrades like Pack-A-Punch in Zombies or more perks & air support.


    + Chaos Mode - Enjoyable however it would have been great if it had expanded to 4 player co-op. Wished we had more maps with Chaos Mode


    The Positive Aspects of Multiplayer


    + Pointstreak system - I liked the system as an objective player when I was rewarded for playing the objective. I'm glad Treyarch expanded on the pointstreak system but by using score instead of points but props to IW for starting this system.


    + Pointstreaks setups for each custom class - I liked this as I could change to a different pointstreak class in a match instead of having to stick to one pointstreak setup.


    + Strike Packages - Great concept except for a few flaws but overall it was great in my opinion. I'll explain the flaws once I get to the negatives.


    + Community support - A definite improvement from MW2 however there is still room for improvement. Despite that not everything went to plan, props to GHANDI, Teanah & Candyslexia for doing a good job.


    + Community Playlist - I'm not into community gametypes but I appreciate providing gametypes like Drop Zone, Infected, MITD etc for those who do.


    + Kill Confirmed - Great game mode, glad to see it in BO2


    Now onto the negative aspects of MW3.......




    - Connectivity/Matchmaking - I shouldn't really need to go into specifics about what I didn't like in terms of connectivity for MW3 compared to MW2 but it was really just changing something that was working in MW2 and somehow not being implemented in MW3.


    It comes back to the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"


    - Support Strike Package - I'm not against the Support Strike Package, I just find it odd how the Stealth Bomber is considered a support streak. It should have been an Assault Pointstreak


    - Tactical Insertions in FFA/Boosting - Something that didn't get addressed in MW3 and I don't understand why it wasn't removed in this game mode.


    - Map Design - MW3's maps were like an ant-hill simulator. Cluttered, narrow and created bad spawns. There wasn't any flow to the maps. An example of a cluttered maps was Downturn. I felt I was getting stuck on so many objects. Small & narrow maps don't make a fast game, it creates more problems.


    - Secondary Machine Pistols - Kind of ruined the potential of the Overkill perk. Why sacrifice a perk like Assassin or Hardline for Overkill when you carry akimbo FMG 9's or an MP9?


    - Perk Balance - Blast Shield & the pro variant barely worked. Even if explosive spam has been nerfed/reduced, Blast Shield was a terrible perk on it's own.

    Assassin has too many counters which made it the dominant perk. I'm not complaining about having a stealth perk but counters to the Counter UAV or EMP should have been moved to other perks.


    - Weapon Balance - Started iffy when the game first launched but it eventually improved especially with the weapon balance pass. I still feel shotguns (KSG-1, Spas-12, Model 1887 & AA-12) required a buff but I've accepted that you didn't feel the same way about it.

    Secondary Machine Pistols is included in the issues with weapon balance.


    - Deathstreaks - Something that didn't need to come back. The support strike package was enough to help those who were new or inexperienced to COD. Deathstreaks does not help players improve in the game, it just gives them a cheap kill.


    - Spawns - Too many "Revenge Spawns" issues. Maps were just to small for fair spawns.


    - Quickscoping - Snipers should not act like shotguns. They're long range weapons


    - MOABs - Though I have a few MOABs of my own, I didn't like the fact it was present in MW3's multiplayer especially in objective game modes where players selfishly went for MOAB's instead of wins.


    - COD Elite & DLC distribution - Not really IW's fault but it did have problems when it came to matchmaking.


    - Hardcore Ricochet - Yes, a fix to the team killing issues but there were alternatives to reduce team killing without implementing Ricochet to Hardcore. I'm not a hardcore player myself but I know a number of Hardcore veterans who were unhappy with Ricochet being implemented.


    - Spec Ops Missions - If say Survival Mode cannot be expanded on due to limited space, I would remove Spec Op Missions. I didn't see the replay value offered in these 5-10 minute missions. I wasn't excited with Spec Op Missions as I am to Zombie maps.


    - Exploits/Bugs/Glitches - Despite most of the exploits including the damage glitch, out of map exploits,  etc being fixed, MW3 just had too many exploits compared to BO.


    I couldn't find so many pros to MW3 but this is how I feel about the game overall. Though it came up with great ideas, the cons overlap the pros of the game. I feel this was a step back from Black Ops, not really a game going forward.


    I understand that there were internal issues with the development of MW3 & that it was a rushed COD game to meet the yearly COD deadline but now that it's over, you can start fresh with whatever you plan to do in the future.


    Again, this is just my opinion of MW3 and I do hope you don't take my post as an insult to the studio.


    All the best for your future projects.


    vims1990 signing out.

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    Worst game I've played..right up there with Prince of Persia. PS3 got a inferior product, never got this out of the other IW. Matchmaking was nothing more than throw your signal out and catch a match. I warned not to open the flood gates to the lagomites..when they were complaining. Simply...well you screw up matchmaking and can't actually fix it.


    Like Specialist.

    like Create a Class.


    Thats about it.


    I still haven't played the last DLC. That is of no importance to me as of months ago. Though that speaks loud and clear about the quality of a game. DL it, but it won't be enjoyable. Complete mess.

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    Hey Guys!


    ETA on "Lag Comp" fix?



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    vims1990 wrote:


    Since BO2 is right around the corner, I'll do my final review on MW3.


    This post isn't to bash or insult the devs/community staff but to offer constructive criticism on how the game was overall. Also, this just my opinion and I know people here will have difference in opinion regarding MW3.


    vims1990 signing out.

    Great review,

    roachoutro wrote:


    Hey Guys!


    ETA on "Lag Comp" fix?



    haha i genuinely loled


    I'd just like to add this to vims review



    It shows how the game played before the lag comp tweaks, and how it played during that blissful BS free weekend, starting with some wonderful ()clips, and ending in a game that ran perfect before and after the host migration which then gave me host, which showed the game was working perfectly, if only the devs could have got it to last, i really wouldve enjoyed the last few months of MW3. oh btw, that was groundwar too, this was the only time i ever had a good experience hosting on mw3.

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    Pretty sure they'll leave it as is, if not maybe some tweaks but nothing serious imo.


    To bad MW3 wasn't fun compared to MW2 for me...Maybe it could have been but it just wasn't, heck if a game is going to be bad, at least make it fun.



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    Well since I paid for elite I thought I might aswell upload a video. Absolute nightmare to do this but still more than 12 hours later it did appear.


    Vahn said that the blops people have a guy working full time on spawns. With a 2% bad spawn rate so far. I presume this is a 2% bad spawn rate for the spawnee. Now I don't know if you also have a full time guy working on spawns and don't need to know.


    Could you take into account that a bad spawn is not always for the spawnee. I appreciate that you want people to be put quickly back into action. I also appreciate that calculating safe spawns is obviously quite tricky.


    It would also be appreciated if the spawnee did not spawn looking directly at someones back. This wasn't a revenge spawn as the game had just started. The map wasn't too small as it was Village. There wasn't too many people or equipment close to the spawns as it was FFA. In all honesty this spawn should not have happened from my perspective.


    I now fully understand that lag compensation might not be perfect for a few years to come since you are fully supportive of your listen server multiplayer experience. With the disparity of connection speed(latency) and distances between connections it is never going to be a near LAN experience online unless you have more predictable disparity.


    Even with it's faults MW3 was addictive enough for me and no other similar game was better. Old cods are old cods, you put them in and load them up only to think damn the graphics are not the same and the newer cod had such and such that I liked better.


    The DLC was good and as always it's a shame they have the one year cycle.


    I don't know what you're working on but isn't it time you split up the multiplayer and campaign? The fan base is big enough. Many people just play the multiplayer that I've came across. You'd potentially get more income and more income means more resources to make it better.


    All in All MW3 was innovative and I seriously look forward to the the next edition as the ideas implemented in this edition were mind blowing as always.


    ETA on../nah enough of that.

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    yeah...really innovative


    horrible maps.....stuck stuck stuck arrrrrrgh!

    worst lag in any game in the series

    severly handicapped hosting


    no marathon


    uplayable dlc

    faceoff faceturd load of bull


    camping tools......

    blaring noise from tv..unexpected almost ear piercing

    matchmaking loooooooooool

    worst spawns in history

    free stealth bombers for noobs

    knife lunge vrs  bullets...........?

    clearly innovation there hahahahahaha

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    That's why I don't bother with game modes such as FFA, TDM, and KC. Game modes where the spawns are random tend to provide the worst possible spawns. At least with Domination and other objective-based games, there's a little order to the spawns, so you (usually) don't have to worry about an enemy spawning behind you while looking at you.