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FFA BOOSTING?? W/ 2nd controller??? IW OMG

Yes. i just got into a FFA PUBLIC lobby and i just seen this guy boosting with his second controller. if your confused by the way i said it basically he is splitscreen'd taking one character to a hiding spot, then uses the other controller to run to that area and gets free kills all day via tactical insertion. Also from what it looked like there were 2 more guys helping him. I owned Them really badly anyways but it is a nuisance. It ruins the game. How can this happen. I thought u cant play FFA while splitscreen in a PUBLIC FFA lobby. I have it all recorded in my vault. It shows everything. At this time i dont have a hdvr so what can i do? i dont want MW3 to be ruined this is ridicoulous. This video needs to be posted My psN: YOUNGVEEZY23