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It's not so much the fact or not that Sitrep Pro is overpowered, but it's....................

Sitrep Pro just doesn't belong in SnD. Look at COD4 for example. No Sitrep Pro, and SnD flowed very smoothly and was amazing. Now look at mw3. It's just a campfest/crouchwalking mode. It lacks the element of surprise, and thus reduces the adrenaline and excitement of a phenomenal game mode. There is no more rushing (if you are playing against people with brains), and you don't have to use as much strategy as you used to. Sitrep Pro takes the skill out of the game. Now, any gameplays or clutches where you are using sitrep pro mean nothing to several players. SnD is a lot less fun now.




And don't tell me to adapt. That's just stupid. It's like them taking all the guns out of the gun, but giving you a knife, and myself saying, "Learn to adapt." Why ruin a game mode, and further more an entire 60 bucks for someone?


My point is, Sitrep Pro has no place in SnD. If you enjoy camping, and or suck, then you would love this perk. Why does IW cater to CAMPERS and hate RUSHERS?

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