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DLC Boss missions

I am asking

What other Spiderman Villians could they incorporate in the game?


Maybe a dlc mission comes out and adds a new boss/villian.

All I want to hear is your opinion on what or who they could include


One major Example would be Dr. Octupos. He would have attribute of a human like breathing under water, but  other attributes like extra limbs/arms or legs.He may even shoot out some kind of liquid from his hands or acid like Scorpion and the Lizard.

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    Dr.Octupus could definitely be. If you check out Scorpion's bios from The Amazing Spiderman game website, you'll notice there that Doc Ock was why Scorpion came to be. It also mentions a "mysterious,organic black goo" which according to the bio, Oscorp retrieved from one of their fallen satellites......this has got to be the symbiote...

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      i like the idea of doc ock too & would add: both goblins, (hob & green) venom, mysterio, kraven, electro, the vulture, kingpin, carnage, sandman, basically all of them.


      no i havent reached 100%, so if theyre in the game & i listed them above, i dont wanna know. lol.

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        So how's the game so far, haven't really gotten it yet. I wanna hear from someone who's actually played it and isn't such a freaking critic. Games are made for FUN not for "Freaking Useless Ne'erdowells".


        *Hater's definition: people who complain about petty little things and prove to everyone just how great something is because all they complain about are the petty things.

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          Its really good alot like SM2. The story is way more in depth then what the trailers make it. It has alot of replay value because you can get all the suits, collectables and comics. It has side missions just like in SM2 but they run out after so long. Its a great game and totally worth every penny.

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    I was thinking Kraven for quite a while now


    I could just picture it


    HUNTED-A mysterious hunter has entered Manhattan in order to hunt the cross-species....and hes picked Spidey as his first target!


    I also want to see a Cletus Kasady Mission
    Total Carnage {Pun intended }- As things begin to go back to normal in the big apple, another inmate from Beloit surfaces....the mass murdering psycho....Cletus Kasady


    Plus  some comic resembling spider-slayers left over in DLC missions


    of course theres the other animalistic villains to choose from like......Vulture,Gibbon, (A new version of ) Puma, White Rabbit (maybe),Beetle, CHAMELEON!,HAMMERHEAD!, of course MORBIUS,Man-Wolf,SWARM,Basilisk,Komodo?,Black Tarantula,Black Fox,Grizzly,Human Fly,{lol} Kangaroo,Miss Arrow,Queen,Raptor {Maybe},Scorpia {likely IMO},Shathra,Squid, wow....theres a LOT


    while ock would fit, He is too big to be in a DLC pack so....why not Lady Ock or something?

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    I could easily see other minor bosses such as Morphius or Kraven as DLC but I don't think we'll see any big names. If this game is close to being canon in this universe then they will be limited as to what is available do to future movies. Since the movie is a reboot they will want to have as many options available to them for future bad guys in sequels and the sky is the limit. After the next movie (which we would probably see within 2 years if this one makes enough $$$) they will probably know what direction they are heading with the franchise and open it up more for game development. Edit: Just read on www.comingsoon.com that there is alredy a sequel planned for 2014.

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    I think the bosses in future dlc or future game is sandman,hydro man, mister negative, vulture, and this big doglike creature because of the hints in the game leading to these enemeis.

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    They could definatly put Kraven in the game hunting cross species and i think that it would be cool if they added venom, sandman, hydro man, doc ock, shocker, carnage and hobgoblin. Plus if they could make some of them playable like in challenges and free roam that would be awesome.

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      Even though it would be awesome if you could play other villains in freeroam I kind of disagree.. the stuff most people request would turn this game in some Marvel Spider-Man universe game where you can play all kinds of villains.


      It defeats the purpose of the game, the purpose of a Spider-Man game when you can play other villains. It's nice that they added Rhino as a DLC but it should really stay like that. It's a game about being Spider-Man in the movie universe after all, not a game where you play as villains or other Spider-Man friends/foes.


      Keep the villains idea for another game that isnt a movie tie-in.


      And I'm also sure you wont see venom, Doc Ock and Carnage as villains any time soon. They are probably reserved by Sony for one of the sequels.


      Oh and btw, I'm pretty sure the villain easter eggs are just teasers for a sequel of the game. I highly doubt they add any more villains to the game but I would instantly buy the DLC if they released one.

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    So a DLC Boss fight idea I had was...


    DLC Title: Cleansing the City

    Cost: $10 (Whatever that is in Microsoft points)


    Residual cross-species still exist within the city. While Rhino, Iguana, Scorpion, Vermin, Lizard and Nattie were ones that Spider-Man was aware of, obviously there were MANY more. Think about how many "spider-slayer" and Anti-cross species robots there were. Smythe would not have built so many for just six. Also, consider how many cross species were made accidentally by Vermin's infection.


    Beetle, Kangaroo, Green Goblin (A bat and lizard with human cross species), Hobgoblin (a howler monkey crossed with bat and human DNA), and Puma were the others.


    *Hobgoblin and Green Goblin are never named during the DLC, so as not to cause possible issues with continuity*


    Beetle, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin have human level intellect, using tools and gadgets to their disposal. They were able to hideout from Spider-Man, Smythe, and the police. They realized that they would not be accepted by society, so they were attempting to make a life for themselves within the sewers. Stealing from Oscorp for weapons and supplies. Hobgoblin and Green Goblin were able to find experimental one-man gliders that Oscorp had been developing for the military before Osborn got sick. They realized the only person who could stop them was Spider-Man. They had to take him out if they were to have a chance at survival.

    Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter (a famous game show styled hunter and survivalist like Steve Irwin or Bear Grills) had heard about the incident in New York city and decided to look into the situation, and maybe catch Spider-Man. Little did he know that he came to town just as the remaining cross species were making their attack on the webhead....



    This DLC would be unlocked after the story mode is finished. Initially, you get sightings and brief battles with Infected civilians. Eventually Kangaroo is fought and defeated, while trying to steal food from a supermarket at night. Spidey realizes that there are other cross species in town, and revists the prison to talk with Smythe and find out just how many were left that were not accounted for.


    You're told about Puma, Kangaroo, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, Beetle and then he explains that there are many who were infected but may have been in the sewers or in other places where they could not have gotten a cure. So you go through the sewers trying to find clues and encounter many infected. Spider-Man developes more tracers to tag the areas so the police and scientists will know where to find them for a cure.


    You'll then encounter a boss battle with Puma who is looting for supplies like Kangaroo, but that is interrupted by Kraven the Hunter who wants to fight you. While you're fighting Kraven, he's acting like the whole thing is a game for sport, meanwhile, Puma is getting away. You have to defeat Kraven and then chase Puma through the city. Whitney Chang heard about the rumours of more cross species and heard that Spider-Man broke into the facility again, however, not to visit Connors this time, but Smythe.. So she calls to find out whats going on and ask you for photos. So she can get the scoop.


    Once you find Puma's hideout in the sewer, you have to go through a few more waves of infected, before you fight and defeat Puma. When that level's over, Kraven hijacks the networks and issues a public challenge to Spider-Man. He gives a speech about spiders being hunters, but also prey to bigger creatures like Scorpions. He announces that he is the better hunter and that Spider-Man is only prey. The challenge he issues is that he will find the remaining cross species before Spider-Man does.


    The next mission would open with Spider-Man getting a call from Whitney Chang that Kraven was seen fighting Beetle on a skyskrapper downtown. She's on her way to get footage, but her helicopter is hit by Beetle carrying an unconcious Kraven.


    There is then a chase level of chasing Beetle and then a boss fight. Once Beetle is defeated, Spider-Man checks on Kraven to find out that he's wounded. Kraven reveals that he had contacts within the Oscorp Labs and that a serum was developed that could give him the temporary attirbutes of a lion. Including heightened strength and durability that would allow wounds possibly fatal to a human, to just be minor to his heightened form. He drinks the serum and escapes into the night.


    Toward the end of the DLC, we find Hobgoblin causing chaos downtown. When Spider-Man goes to stop it, he finds that it was a trap. He's double teamed by Green Goblin and Hobgoblin both throwing bombs and trying to kill him. After an aerial battle, Spider-Man is bound in a net by Green Goblin and made to watch as all the remaining cross species in the city crawl from the sewers and out into the city to begin looting. Kraven frees Spider-Man in his new lion-man form. He jumps down to the city below and begins fighting all the cross species, and actually knocking them out or rescuing people.


    Spider-Man has to then fight Hobgoblin and Green Goblin at the same time as one final boss. They each have different tactics. Hobgoblin will jump off of his glider and fight Spider-Man by hand more often than Green Goblin. Green Goblin will use more tricks and tech than Hobgoblin.



    In reference to Calypso in Spider-Man 2. There will be a battle tournament mode where you fight each of the cross species bosses of the game plus the ones introduced in this DLC, with Kraven in his lion-form as the final boss.

    Rhino, Lizard, Scorpion, Nattie, Vermin, Iguana, Puma, Kangaroo, Beetle, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, Kraven.

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    Morbius will be good like cross specie with bat.