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MW3 theater mode on PC, did not record!

Hi, i recently just gotten my best gameplay on kill confirm on Sancturary and I have gottena rushing MOAB, and when i checked it in teather mode it dosent show there?

This is wierd i never had this problem but, only now!

I play on PC and when i got the moab i took a screen shot of it and uploaded to my steam profile as you can see here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Olympian69/screenshot/1173435535721850246?tab=publi c

Now, i have the issue locating this gameplay becouse it did not save into my theater.


So i thought it would take time to save in theather mode, since i was checking it right after i finished the game. So i played another game right after and i checked it again, and the game i just played was recorded BUT, NOT the one i was playing it on Sanctuary where i got my Rushing MOAB.


This obvoiusly some sort server issues , but i don't what i can do, but ask for help here. Im sorry if this is the wrong section, and if you could please redirect me to the right section.


More information on the gameplay, it was Kill Confirm on Sanctuary [WIN] with a my kills above 50 with atleast 1 death[+].

I know that theather mode can save up to 40 gameplays , but i want make sure i can save it to my vualt before it gets deleted.

Can anybody help me out or am i screwed? This is was my best MOABS so far, and the best part, I was doing it solo no friends around to help me!


Thank you,


Nicolae Lungu

or as my steam name, Olympian®