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Elite Zombies Team

Black Ops zombie mode is EASY and BORING. The only maps I really play are NDU (it's the only 'challenging' one, and I'll down myself purposely to save the team), Der Riese, and Ascension.


If you know you're good at zombies, for example, you carry your team 30+ rounds without having a single down on NEARLY ALL of your games (such as myself), hate glitches, understand juggernaut (AND SURVIVING, ex: let someone die to instead of risking the game reviving his stupid ass) is the main priority, and other small qualities, then add me.


Played the game since world at war. I've never met another zombie player who was better than me. I've played with some pretty non-terrible players, but nobody taught me anything.


PSN: silent_murderer8 (MLG at zombies, if that even exists)


If they showed TIME ALIVE/DOWN ratio, mine would easily make top 100 in the world.



-I serve as a medic; reviving people with the ballistic knife.

-I never use the box until round 20+, unless it's necessary for the game.

-I will fight for Juggernaut, it's the priority.


This obviously isn't everything and I'm not going to waste my time making a list.

Also, know how to route. Only knowing how to route in the same place doesn't prove that you understand how do it properly at all.


World at war (regular)

NDU - 98 (solo)

Verruckt - 56 (solo) <-- Hardest map in both games. didn't glitch, I ran around in a specific part of the map (NOT by the speed cola)

SNN - 199 (solo) <-- Nobody cares, neither do I

Der Riese - 46 (solo)


Please remember, in World at War there wasn't that gay Quick Revive that got you up after you made a dumb mistake.


Kino - 40 (2 players, extremely easy map and It's boring so I don't play it)

Five - 32 (2 people, used small elevator)

Ascension - 45 (2 people) <-- another easy map, got this record on my second match.

Call of the Dead - 32 (2 people)

Shangri-La - 32 (2 people)

Moon - Don't play this map