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Something needs to be done.

I have noticed ALOT of mods being used in COD MW3 since 5-12-2012.

Some make it to where you can see thru walls and the smoke of smoke grenades.

And then there are the ones that add damage to weapons and more armour to a player.

Is there ever going to be something done about this?

Or am I doomed to buy COD titles for them to turn into MODDER heaven when the release info comes out for the next game.

I would like to say I am not blindly calling out players for being all modders everytime I die.

I am not claiming that I am amazing at the game, but I am saying others and myself have been noticing this massive change from

talented players to little kids with mods.

It is almost not worth playing the game when I go to a persons vault to see things like Infection recipes.

When I ask about it they all state I only mod in private matches. Mods are Mods in my eyes.

Normaly I would not say anything about a couple of modders but just report them.

But, lately it has become that even TDM has modders in 7 out of 10 games I play.

Bottom line is "Will this problem ever be attacked or left to be now that Black Ops 2 is being worked on?"

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         Ok, im sorry, but i play this game a lot and have only been in 1 modded match EVER. I see a good amount of these threads mentioning modders, but i never see anyone modding when i play, let alone modded controllers. Please post a video to back up your claim. Im curious to see these "mods" i keep hearing about.

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    Trust me , you are imagining WAY too much. I have YET to get in a modded game after looking at the evidence.


    Your post IS a lot more nicely worded than most people that come on here yelling MODDER. Just please dont ruin it by mentioning "all the vids on youtube". Since your new AND polite hopefully we can make this a nicer topic to help you (or US) see your point without name calling


    As for modders IW AND Microsoft continously go after modders and the "modding code" that they use.


    So for discussions sake ,


    What kind of mods are you talking about ?


    And PS TREYARCH is woking on the next game. IW is still policing the present one.




    Seeing thru the smoke of smoke grenades. Do you think that because smoke doesnt show in theater or in killcam ? Because THAT is normal , smoke doesnt show up in killcams or in theater..




    Please detail some mods you have seen.

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    Sorry to add this but TONS of people come in here claiming modders for many reasons, like...


    1) Its a bad connection so more hitmarkers


    2) Two players are in the room across the way and you think there is one.


    3) In Black Ops many people say a yellow pointer show up on the screen when you stunned someone and those people didnt know it was a Pro Perk. Stuff like that.


    4) some people have vests that are deployed AND a perk to make them last longer.


    5) people have the fast running killstreak or have a bad connection so the run real fast across the screen.


    6) Aim assist can tell you that there is a person behind the wall, so your gun will "twitch" letting you know someone is there.


    7) Knowing you are behind a wall from a teammate telling them OR you just killed them and they know where you generally are.


    So what exact mods do you see and have you watched the other players in thater to see if you are correct ?


    BTW Modding in Prvate Matches STILL is a violation of Xbox Live Policy. Period. Even modding the single player campaign is modding. So if you do see this then report them to Xbox Live on the console.

    And WHY do you have these players on your freinds list if they are modders. because you cant see their vault unless they are. and WHY even contact them about it ?

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    Something needs to be done...


    About people who make claims and never come back

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    The Mods I mention are called infection Mods as I have been told by the people who I have asked using them. I encountered a person shooting at the ground on bootleg getting hit markers and kills by camping in a corner and shooting the ground where there was no extra floors or levels just the street. And then there was village where a guy got an osprey gunner and had it for 5 minutes after the packages dropped and into the end of the game for final kill lasting exactly 5m and 29sec. I reviewed all these things in my theater. And then in private match a guy got juggernaut and 8 people could not take him out when he did not shoot back or even move from his camping spot in the street on the map in the wide open. I do not know the exact names of these mods I see, but I do know they are real. My friend was playing outpost today and shot a guy getting a Vest Marker with one clip of PP90M1 then firing again without the guy dying getting another Vest Marker with that try and this continued for 3 trys before my friend died. He was playing HCTDM the gun has most of the bullets hit him and extended mags as well. These are just to show what I have looked into. As I said earlier. I do not cry about every time I die, screaming into the night that someone had modded the game and killed every time I fail at something.

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    And also I will post a video when I run into my next modder I promise.

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    ive never even seen anyone modding

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    I am on the fence about believing you. That is because I have never seen a mod in MW3. I have seen them in other COD games, but never in MW3.

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    Thanks for posting details about what you saw. I am assuming you dont have a full game file in your shareslot ?


    No offense about posting a video but that doesnt always mean you got proof.


    The BEST way to show proof is to PM some of the regulars on here with your Gamertag and put the FULL gamefile in your share slot. THEN we can see EVERYTHING from all angles.


    If you PM me and let me see a full game file I will make sure to send a PM to BanCandy or some of the Gamers from my freinds list that LOVE to pass it on themselves.


    Please make sure its a full game file as well as your GT and send some details since I am studying up on alzheimers

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    You can't do something without evidence to prove that something needs to be done. Not too many can account for these mods but too many people can testify against it. Show us some evidence and then we will work toward a solution.