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Modern stealth bomber 3.

Since day 1 people have complained about stealth bombers, but because noobs like them so much they decide to keep them/ not nerf them.

I'm sick of being on a M.O.A.B streak and having to dodge 5-6 stealth bombers every 5 minutes.

It's a thing of mine where I want to get a MOAB on every DLC, and I was about to get it on Foundation with the new and improved Dragunov.

After doging 4 stealth bombers, I was running around looking for my last kill and finally the 5th stealth bomber spawned on top of me and killed me instantly. Obviously no one will have sympathy for me, but how can the people that make this game not get annoyed by them?

Oh wait because they use them!

And on another note, why would there be titles and emblems for death streaks? I have only ever had a deathstreak twice, and it was juiced with hardline pro. I want the emblems, but i'm never dropping into final stand.