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clan ideas / suggestions

clans should have more levels maybe prestige's and challenge's. there to short in a sense there's a lot of clans who have already maxed it out and can no longer do anything. there fore they start to get bored.. plus you should earn a certain amount of xp for your clan by doing lone wolf ops it would make them more appealing to people.. maybe 100 xp for gold, 50 silver, 20 bronze.. this way if ur clan members realy want they can help out more.. and for detonate we need a mix up of clan ops. game modes and challenges( like highest captures, why not most points ? ETC... ) and times its far to repetitive. we need some through the week again..  also u need to make it so the all clans cant do all ops this why its a bit fairer, i hope this reaches some1 important in elite thanks for your time