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How about some mw2 maps in mw3?

no camping

Anyone know or think that would be a good idea

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    I think they should just get rid of all the MW3 maps and replace them with all the MW2 maps except for rust. Better yet, they should shut down the MW3 servers and patch the few problems with MW2 (commando, OMA, noob tube scavenger spam, tween scoping). I would gladly go back to MW2 with those few problems resolved and think most other people would too.


    The maps were vastly superior. You could actually use a large portion of the guns without being put at a huge disadvantage. When you shot someobody they actually died. You didn't die from 1 bullet to the foot after shooting somebody with 300 bullets in the face. People couldn't shoot the air in front of the wall you ran behind 5 seconds ago and still get the kill.


    Ahhh, anybody esle remember the good old days when COD worked?

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      Actually I think COD4 had the best overall group of maps.  I can't see why they don't simply bring over maps.  They are already designed and it seems like it would only take a little bit of tweeking to add the maps to the MW3 playlist.


      I would play COD4 still, but it is now a hackers paradise.  Also, they didn't have a host transfer system for that COD.  Still, my 2 favorite maps are still from COD4.  Not to mention that that game knew how to spawn.  Mw3 randomly spawns enemies causing me to spawn die about every game

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      Yeah...Miss those days :/ ALL the Mw3 maps suck! every time a map loads im like...Awww boring map...With EVERY map in Mw3