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Trolls in HCTDM.

If you are a troll in hardcore game modes but come on here and complain about hackers then consider yourselves as nothing more than a hypocrite. You are no better than a cheating hacker. You are becoming more common than hackers too. Just like a hacker who obviously can't play the game properly in the first place, why waste your valuable time when you could be doing something more constructive, like doing your homework, learning to be an adult or any one of a million things. All I imagine when I see these trolls is a toothless spotty faced **** sitting at home laughing like beavis and butthead with drool coming out the corner of his mouth because he slightly overdosed on his meds. This game is bad enough without you coming along and adding to the missery. If you do it because you're tired of all the broken stuff in the game along with the cheats and hackers then go and play lego starwars. Just do something else.