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    Yeah prob much easier in groundwar, i just hardly ever play it because it just adds to the lag

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         The first reply being a negative opinion on the stinger wasnt what i was expecting, haha. Good points, though. I agree with you on just using a gun with Blind-eye. Dont have to worry about wasting a rocket on the flares. I just use the MP7 with extended mags to take down aircraft. Its actually pretty easy.


         Half clip to 3/4 clip to take down a Hind

         2 and a half for a Pavelow and Osprey gunners

         Around a half clip for an AH-6

         And 1 clip for a reaper. Reapers are fun to shoot down because its somewhat difficult since theyre pretty high up there.

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    LOL really? You would rather team mates not use a stinger? dosnt make sense to me.


    Why use a gun to shoot air support and waste ammo?  get shot shooting in the sky for 10 seconds? Not have to waste a perk on BE. I have a stinger as my secondary on every class but riot shield and I have never heard a complaint. If anything my clan/team mates loves it cause they never have to worry bout air support.


    IMO stingers are the most intelligent and effective way to shoot down ANY air support.

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    LMG's are the best because you never need to reload. Even Pavelows and Ospreys only take around 80 rounds. UAV around 10, Reaper and Heli about 20.

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    I think people that use blind eye are trash. Why not carry a stinger and use a perk that will help you get kills? Now it's like you get 4 perks instead of 3. Wouldn't you rather have 4 perks than a secondary?

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         You should re-read the convo again. Neither of us said we would rather have our team using guns to shoot down air support rather than launchers. I was agreeing with him that "I, myself" like to use the MP7 for aircraft rather than a launcher. I could care less what the people on my team uses since they all have down syndrome most of the time anyways. No ones complaining about the stinger either. Esy was just stating his opinion about it.


         I was just wondering what makes the stinger superior to other launchers, like the SMAW?

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    Ok ya i see that now. but i was mostly pointing out reasons why stinger is better then guns, because 3 people said they like to use their guns.


    Now for stinger vs other launchers it is more powerful at takign down air support. Only thing i can not take down with 2 stingers with out BE pro is an ac130.

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         Haha, why, because people who use Blind-eye always shoot down your killstreak reward before it can get you a kill? And why should i carry a stinger? Vehicle lock-on only is wack and limited to only air-craft. I like the variety of being able to shoot free-fire and lock-on rockets. Also, how does "not" using blind-eye seem like you have 4 perks now? That makes no sense. Blind-eye is very useful and life saving perk. I would probably have a 1/4 less kills and a 1/4 more deaths if it wasnt for Blind-eye.

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         Ok, see, thats what i wondering because i know that mad people use them all the time. But, i mainly like using a gun to shoot down aircraft because its more fun and challenging.

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    Let's see, if I'm going to be using an LMG:


    Extreme Conditioning: Near useless. I'm not going to be flanking, and I don't want to be caught sprinting with the lethargicly low raise times of LMGs.


    Sleight of Hand: I'm going to reload maybe once in a life. Whenever I'm getting into battle I'll have 100 rounds at my disposal. When I need a rare reload I'll find cover and check things like my full map while doing it. LSW.


    Scavenger: I have 200 rounds. Enough said.


    Recon: Probably the most realistic choice, but I usually don't not finish off targets and I don't spam explosives with my LMG class because of terrible raise and switch times.


    I don't see how a perk is much better than a lethal launcher as a secondary...plus BE also keeps me safe from sentries.


    Also, good luck shooting down recon drones and assault drones with a stinger. Much easier with BE pro+ LMG

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