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Faceoff Players?


First and foremost, I'm mainly a SnD/Face Off player in MW3 so I'm looking for anyone who is good in 2v2 or 3v3 scenarios (tdm, snd, ctf, etc.). Although this game is pretty bad in a lot of aspects, Face Off was the best addition to MW3 by far. It makes it so you don't have to depend on random teammates even if you have a small party. So.. that was good and all, but now I've run into another issue... having a small party of good players lol


I do know a lot of good players, but a lot of them are rarely on at the same time, playing some boring mode like 6v6 tdm, or sold MW3 because it's bad. I mess around a lot and use basically any gun from lmg (mg36) to sniper rifle (drag) to smg (pm9), etc. so I'm not too serious of a person... but I like to win


tl;dr: BASICALLY, we're just looking for some good and you like playing 2v2, 3v3, and maybe 4v4 matches


note: this is NOT a clan. We(Etnoid and I) just want to be consistently able to find people on our FL who are pretty good players who know how to carry their own weight, when they should slow down, when they should rush, how to communicate, etc.



My psn is bizzness_only, but my list is usually full so if you post your PSN (you don't have to post stats if you think you're good then we welcome you) I can make some space