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Clan "Six Gun" looking for elite members, but all are welcome.

Hey guys I am the Clan leader of Six Gun and I am looking to expand a bit. We only have two elite members (myself included) and need a few more players getting ranked in clan challenges. The clan consists of easy going guys who are quicker to play hard and make friends than talk trash. No requirements to join although we do like to have kill cams on winning games performed with the .44 magnum or MP412 revolvers for the sake of comradery. We are at clan level 7 or 8 but apply to all clan challenges and are online often. Look up the clan and apply if you are interested there are a few other six gun clans spelled out various ways but you should be able to find it pretty easily because its simply spelled out as Six Gun. My GT is Lovemycbx if you can't find it.


Thanks for reading guys,