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What is the biggest Noob gun?


I would say it's the AA12. But that's just my opinion. What's yours?

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    How can a gun that:


    is not unlocked right away (true noob definition)

    has no range

    takes a full clip to kill (without damage)

    slow reload

    etc etc..


    be a noob gun!?


    Just asking

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    Why the AA-12, if anything i don't see it used all too often...surely a noob gun caters to much of the community or easiest to use and the AA-12 certainly doesn't do that.

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    Whichever one kills someone enough to make them call you a noob.

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    He must have run into the barrel of my gold AA-12. Try getting it gold, you'll see how much of a noob gun it is.

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      I've got my gold USAS bud. Thanks for the info though. O_o

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        and...... Was just saying try using it and you will see.

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          I have used it and I just don't like it. It just seems like a cheap way to get a kill. But really, that's all besides the point here. Like I told the other kid, I was just asking for people opinion on the weapons and instead, I got opinions on my opinion. If the question is to complicated, then I'll try again later and put it in a more simpler form.

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            No need to get snooty. Like you, people are going to voice their opinion about something. If they tend to disagree with yours, they will tell you. That is what happened. Maybe alot of people here think there aren't any noob guns. They all do the same thing, kill. Yes maybe one is easier to kill with than the other, but the next  match it could be reversed, it all comes down to connection you have.


            Anyways, what do I think is a noob gun, none. In the right hands all will kill and dominate any other weapon in the game. In the wrong hands, they won't.


            People will always complain about a gun that they were killed with, then they call them noob guns. Then you could call all guns noob guns, heck even the knife has been called noob.

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        All semi auto and full auto shotguns.


        There noob guns because there just spray and pray you only need 1 pellet to hit the guy and it will make hima sitting duck for the second shot.


        People say you get hit markers but everyone knows once a shotgun lands on you your dead.


        I havnt just been beat these guns either lol but yesterday I picked up 1 and was just going crazy. It was easy to use and 1 shot kills happened alot.


        Mp7 is a noob magnet Too

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    SMAW or RPG. If if you mean an actual gun that fires bullets, then the ACR.

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    MP7 is my opinion of the biggest noob gun. Why?


    No/minimal recoil: Newbs and Noobs alike can't handle recoil so they shy away from guns that have moderate to high recoil.


    High RoF: Noobs have poor aim so they need more bullets down range to be effective. Accuracy by volume as we say.


    Good hip spray: Since noobs suck at aiming, they rely mostly on hip spraying to compensate.


    Large clip: Back to the "accuracy by volume" argument. Something like the scar has too few bullets to be effective at the hip fire, spray & pray style.


    Higher movement speed: While it of itself it isn't bad but, when you combine it with ordinary lag or even Lag compensation lag it creates a dispute over where the player is and where the game says they are. Noobs like to use this invisible advantage to gain an edge over o ther players.

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    how is the aa-12 n00b gun? o.O & the ak-47? wth ? how is that a noob gun? u gotta be good wit it so u can kill

    the ONLY 3 n00b guns in this game is the MP7 & ACR & FMG9s ..

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    Striker, nothing is more noobish than that spray and pray baby's toy of a shotgun. Aside from the Striker, MP7 and akimbo FMG9s are honorable mentions as well.

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    I have been getting called a noob more and more for using the AK47

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    If you could throw rocks at people and kill them, someone would be calling you a noob for killing them. If it's in the game and you are good with it, use it.

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    It really depends on what your definition of a noob gun is. I don't really like calling anything a noob gun, but every class of gun has one in particular thats the easiest to use.


    AR- ACR

    SMG- MP7

    Shotgun- Striker

    LMG- L86 LSW (all LMGs are pretty similar IMO, this is just the first one you unlock)

    Sniper- RSASS

    Launcher- SMAW

    Secondary- FMG9


    Again, I'm not saying your a noob if you're using these weapons. I use the ACR a lot, and have used the MP7 a fair amount, and still currently use the FMG9s. They are clearly the easiest guns to use, and I think a "noob" or someone who doesn't play much CoD would have the easiest time mastering and doing well with these weapons.

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    None of the weapons are noob weapons. What is the definition of a noob weapon?

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      Yea like I said in my post above, its really tough to call anything a noob weapon. At most there are weapons that are easier to use, but even then its hard to classify them as "noob weapons"

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        Yeah guys, I am sorry, but any gun can be good or bad in the right hands. I am an average player. I can have great games where I go 16 and 5 or bad games where I go 10 and 29. However, I've had good games and bad games with every gun and it all just depends. Some guns can definitely be overpowered in the right hands, but those same guns can be underpowered in the wrong ones. Still, once you get used to the recoil of certain weapons, like shotguns, you can be downright nasty with them, but you can also be downright nasty with an AR, LMG, SMG, Sniper, hell, even handguns with the melee knife. I mean, I've seen guys who only knife get MOABs.

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    Depends on the user but easiest gun to just pick up and go and definitely hold a +1 KD has to be the FMG akimbo.

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    mdm123456789 wrote:


    I would say it's the AA12. But that's just my opinion. What's yours?


    Not sure if you're joking or you're being serious mate


    ACR, MP7 & the Striker to me are the easiest from each primary weapons class.


    I can't speak of the snipers & LMG as I haven't had enough experience using both the snipers & LMGs.

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    The only guns you can truelly class as 'noob' are the most popular ones, ACR and MP7. EVERYONE uses these. Low recoil, high accuracy, these are the guns of choice for the majority of CoD players, pro or noob!

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    FMG9 akimbo

    ACR silenced

    SCAR silenced


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    Noobs are people who use poor guns and then whine for gettting pwned. Also *** scopers who whine when you beat them with an auto, while they get the most insane one hit BS filled kills ever seen.


    Noobs are also split screeners generally and people in general that never play the objective and people that always go minus 15, 20 ect. The guns they pick are generally irrelevant

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    NOOBTUBE it's sorta easy lol.

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    XM25 hands down is the noobiest.  I mean this thing needs to be nerfed.  I die by the hands of this atleast 5 times a game.  OP and overused.

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    I wouldn't say the AA12 is a n00b gun...

    Most blatantly...


    - XM25 (people just stand there shooting it constantly, not realising it has a big 'ol kick. It's lovely when they think they're doing well but instead just give away their position)


    - FMG9 Akimbo (Yes loads of people love them and it's easy to see why, it's really easy to get a kill with them... but with no recoil and being the gun that most random n00bs run around with JUST to get their 1 or 2 kills of the match... it's a n00b gun, sorry)


    - Riot shield (Always annoying when you see someone wander around slowly with a riot shield, only to die once you shoot them in the toe five seconds later. Always funny when you look at their score at the end and realise they have 0 kills. Some people are skillful with it and do quite well... others sit in corners and stare at you)

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      The riot shield isn't really a noob weapon. Maybe the way some people use it could be considered noob. When I first tried  it out and realized how easy it was to be killed with it. I decided not to go for kills, primarily with it. Got it maxed out, and got the titles and emblems for it. Deflecting bullets, explosions, and such. Its always fun to take on a sentry gun, or attack helicopter with it. Your right about the 0 kills thing though, its not like it was in MW2. My KDR using the shield is .42  159 kills to 361 deaths, suks. But hey I got the titles and emblems.

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    I'd say the Type 95 with rapid fire

    I would also definitely agree with the FMG akimbos. And if we're talking shotguns, the striker has to be the worst. Sniper rifles, any that repeat fire. (Just my opinion, no offense meant). Noob tubes of course.  I think I'd also agree with the silenced ACR. But as far as SMG's, how about the PP90M1? With most of the attachments, it just becomes slightly annoying. I mean the MP7 has the best accuracy, but a PP90 with rapid fire is just mean.

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      I use most those things bar tubes and the 50 cal and I'm not a noob. Doing good with the better guns doesn't make you a noob, it makes you good at the game. It's these devs who made the guns like they are, not the players. If they buffed average and insignificant guns, there would be better gun diversity.

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    Quick answer:


    1. Striker and most other "Shotguns"
    2. MP7
    3. any silenced Gun
    4. any Akimbo SMGs




    Easy to use. Instantly kills. Fast moving in any directions.


    Combine it with "Assassin", "Dead Silence" and/or "Blind Eye" and you get the perfect NoOb!


    My 2ct...