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(Xbox Only) (QuickScope/TrickShot only) TeQniQ looking for new members *Change Gamertag*

Hey guys

TeQniQ is a clan which quickscopes and trickshots. We try and get cool clips to put onto youtube and show other people so it would be cool if you had an hd pvr but you can use mw3's theater mode if needed but you dont have to make any videos if you dont want. We are a clan who play because we enjoy the game but we will take part in clan ops.We play on Mw3 and Mw2. Im level 22 on mw2 because i got it a couple of days ago and im level 77 2nd prestige on Mw3. We started up last week and we already have 3 members. 2 on our cod elite clan page and 1 who is getting elite soon. There is only 1 requirement and that is that you change your gamertag to TeQniQ ______  If you want to join send a request through elite as i dont reply to xbox messages but you can make a free account.

I hope you want to join as i hope we can grow big. We also play on many different gamemodes including S&D, Domination and TDM.


TeQniQ Fate