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Looking to join ps3 clan

Hello i play all call of duty games im 33 years old and my brother is 34 years old we are both married and have full time jobs and would love to join a mature call of duty clan.

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    Look us up Tx Choppaholic$

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    Every one of our members is above 17, and we're a pretty good clan. Check out the BAU5 Gunnaz on elite or just go to bau5gunnaz.enjin.com

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      Goose Troop sounds like a great fit for you!


      I'm 28 and my brother is 25.  We are mature but we like to have fun as well!  The clan currently has 11 members, with 8 premiums and got gold in the last clan op to put us at level 5 after just 2 short weeks!


      spidermonkey224 on psn or Goose Troop on Elite.

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    Whats up Guys and Gals? Do you want to be a part of an awesome clan? Do you want to win more games? Do you want to be a better COD player? Are you tired of playing alone?


    Then K.O. is the place you need to be! The Known Outlaws are now recruiting PS3 players for MW3. Here's a little background info on us...................,


    We are a level 28 clan, currently (only need 2 more levels for 6 hrs of dbl xp@ lvl 30)
    We have accumulated over 20 gold badges through clan operations, and we always play to win!


    The following are required for clan enlistment
    - 18 yrs of age
    -A working mic
    - a minimum of one post per week on the clan website
    -a minimum of one appearance per week on clan gaming nights


    Elite premium is not required,but is encouraged! To fill out an application for enlistment visit..................




    You can also message me on psn ( my id is "VABOYINDUVAL")


    -Hope to see ya soon!

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    If SnD is your game mode of choice, feel free to hit me up. I won't bombard you with copy & paste advertisement like these other guys. Lol. We actually CARE about who gets in our clan.


    As long as you have a mic, you're good. We're 16+ and extremely picky about who gets in. Winning is our priority.


    My PSN is iiTHEiiDOCii if you're interested.

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    Hey, I'm RMY CJHOUSTON Console Army's First Lieutenant. I see your looking for a clan. Well I think its time for you to stop searching. Console Army is Recruiting the best of the best all over the Playstation and Xbox Live Network..


    About us: We are a very structured/organized clan. We use teamwork and tactics to get the job done.


    Requirements: Microphone and Maturity



    Console Army was recently created to bring together Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers from around the globe and to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a "friends-first" experience in the online community.




    If your interested come check us out!!


    Tell them CJ sent you

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    Still looking for a clan? Mature 18+, Elite Level 31, Must have mic Check us out at DaGClan.com and Sign up on our forums to Apply for your 10 Day Eval process to see if where the right fit for each other. Name Change isnt Required