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Why does MW3 keep putting me to other countries' servers?


NAT Type: Open


Down speed: 6-9mbps


Up speed: 300-400kbps

Before: I get 3-4 bars connection
1/5 of the time, I'm the host (A host migration occurs 3 seconds after I join a lobby)



Now: I can't get past 2 bars. Most of the time, I'm in the Japan server
and not to be racist but I'm really annoyed by their shitty PSN usernames,
I remember one... merry nightmare.

I used the MK14,
I hit the guy about 2 times in the chest and 1 in head,
that guy was just 10 ft. far from me.
and that didn't kill him and I got no hitmaker.

I'm 100% sure hit him.