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Future new map packs

First off, this is not a rant or an angry post of any kind. I really do enjoy MW3 for the most part and still have fun playing it. COD Elite is okay, but I really haven't utilized it enough to discuss or offer any kind of opinion on. My problem, if you will, is the new content release dates. And sorry if this is old news, I'm kind of new here.


Yes I play on the ps3, but no I do not mind waiting an extra month after xbox360. It's just that I have a problem with the fact that the last map we ps3 users get is in October. So we get to enjoy it for one solid month until BO2 comes out. I mean, I know we get the keep MW3 and still play it and everything, but it's not quite the same.


I guess you could call this a suggestion for future CoD games. Anyone else have an opinion on this? Do you agree or am I just blowing hot air?

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    Blowing hot air tbh.



    DLC deal has been known for a few years now & just because BO2 is coming out doesnt mean you HAVE to stop playing MW3.

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    You get more than one month to play them. You do not have to go and buy BO2 the moment it comes out and play it. So your view that you have limited time to play on them is flawed. If you take less time that is your fault and not the developers.