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MW3 prices still beyond belief.


I went out shopping and I was finished within 30mins so I thought I'd see how much MW3 cost . I went into 3 department stores. (you will probably not know them)

Myer- Doesn't even have a wii section

Target- $69




Those prices are a complete joke and I feel for the poor sole that buys them.




Later on in that day I went to sit down at the end of a table with kids. I was just sitting there and then like all 7yr old conversations it flicked to call of duty. They started talking about black ops and then he asked what console. They all said PS3 until one guy said WII! I almost jumped out of my seat in happiness. The other kids bagged him for playing wii but then I thought, if he is about 7 then he is probably one of the famas, second chance combo users which everyone hates. So I quickly walked off.