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Has anybody been having an issue with this? Since this morning when I play online I have been skipping around, running through walls, popping up in places when I didn't even move the joystick. So I gave it a break all day I finally turn it back on and its worse. When I throw a grenade it lags. Watching people approaching me they are hopping from left to right then back through a doorway then they are in my face killing me. I tried to knife a guy crouched at a window...did this multiple times he turns around and shoots me.


At first I'm thinking it's my network. But all my comptuers are fine no lags in video nothing. It's starting to look like what happened/happens & is now all that happens in GTA I4 glitchers, glitching constantly making systems freeze and lag. Anybody else with this problem?

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    Ive had some problems today, I was climbing a ladder in Seatown and next thing I know Im on the ground running into a wall. It happened a couple of times over a couple of maps. Im really not sure what it was, but luckily for me it stopped.

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    this happens when there is a bad connection OR a bad connection to the host.


    Signs are dropping thru the map floor, walking thru walls, grenades not actually going off, etc.


    If its consistent then it might be your ISP having issues OR your Xbox acting up OR you in home network being flooded.

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      I was thinking my xbox or isp but then stopped thinking my isp because everything else in my house works perfect...sooo I'm thinkin' my xbox >=o| I have disconnected it from wifi and left it off since I posted this thread.