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Mw3 PS3 clan CYAB is now recruiting new members, DO u have what it takes?

Hey guys i am the leader of the PS3 clan CYAB. We are a level 15 clan and we are pretty good. but don't judge us on out badges i recently didn't have inernet which caused me to lose about 10 members and none my of my members were doing clan ops. But im back know and need help to get back to where my clan was. Please if your an elite premium or founder member and would like to help just enter elite look up CYAB in the search clan section and leave a comment. The question is do u have what it takes to help us out? Do u have what it takes to help us get better? So what if u think we suck. Join us and be one of the best players in the clan rather than just a player in a clan. DO u have what it takes to help us out? You won't know untill u try.


PSN: xXCYAB_MIGJOMELI (and i am a premium member)