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Spawn killing, Cheating, and boosting! Will we ever see the end??

Now Im a huge fan of the Cod franchise and love all of the titles but MW3 really put a bad taste in my mouth. When it first came out it was awesome it had fluid gameplay and liked the multiplayer maps i.e. dome(i think we all can agree)=) but the spawns were an instant crapfest, they were very predictable and often overlapping another major letdown was as time progressed people got good, then they got rele good, then they got super good! I was really impressed until I noticed, hes running in open space...then stopped! tooo many crazy things have happened in that game to even consider a fair gameplay, people dissapearing then reappearing behind you, and a good ol fashion spawn kill session where you die 3 times in a row before you can even try to do anything...my main point is wayyyy to much of this was happening on MW3 and it made the game unenjoyable, I personally would like to see a system that if not able to cease and desist this issue, at least cut down on this whackyness...I am a very competitve man myself and of course love winning..but when there is no challenge and you know at anytime you could rig the game, I see no fun in it at all I compare it to playing madden on easy mode and all AI up, there is no competition, Id like to see a easier way for players and the COD team to be able to communicate and resolve these types of issues  I mean you can report a player as long as, you can identify who it was and how it was done which is not always an easy task since popping up behind people after dissapearing is a cheaters delight, id like to see the report tag more like the mute button where you can hit a quick switch in the game to alert people of the issue, Idk just think that would weed out the gamers from the shamers(or youtube noob tube)