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New Idea for prize when completing an easter egg.


I've got an idea that I think that everyone of you will like. This idea is a prize you will get from completing an easter egg ( like the wunderwaflle dg2 in Call of the dead and the deathmachine in Ascension and the pernament perks in the moon,) But this idea is completly different. When player complete the easter egg all the players will be teleported to a Room that zombies cannot reach. The will be one machine that you will be able to choose the weapon that you will start with when you die and then start at the next round instead of the Pistol. There will also be a Second machine where you will choose a weapon and its Upgraded version will replace the one you are holding The weapon you are holding will also be an option). And there  will also be a third machine where you will be able to choose a pernament perk to have.


Now there are two versions:

-1) Or the players will have to choose one thing from every Machine .

              (When one of them chooses what he wants he will teleport back to the battleground or when all players are done they will teleport back)

-2) Either each player may choose one thing from one machine.


The machine will be something like Arcade video games machines.They will have one screen that will show what you are currently viewing at and down the screen there will be a button that you will have to press when you are done with your choice ( The thing that appears on the screen will be the one you choosed)

In order to change what is shown on the screen you will just have to Interact with the screen(DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON UNLESS YOU ARE SURE)

What you choose will be automatically placed on you. So from now on when you die you begin with the weapon you choose , When you down you keep your perk, and until you die you have the weapon you want.


Optional idea about it:1) The machines will have something that you cannot find in the map in any way. For example a legendary perk or a Wonder weapon.

                                 2) You will be able to teleport back by just entering a teleporter that will be there. Or the will be a door that opens from a switch from                                      inside and when you open it you can now get back to this room whenever you want but you won't be able to use any of the machines if you                              used them before.

                                 3) There will be a random drop inside the room

                                 4) A fourth machine where you will be able to buy max ammo will be there that can be used lot of times