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Misfit Actual (PS3 and Xbox clan)

Misfit Actual Recruitment for xbox and PS3



Misfit Actual(MxA) is recruiting we are a multinational, multiplatform clan for both non-serious gamers and serious gamers. we are currently a new clan and have alot of space for promotions in our military style chain of command system. we expect all gamers to turn up to the two 1 hour mandatory practices we hold twice a week.


How are ranks structured ?



1) Its starts off as two CORPS

European Misfits and N.American Misfits

These are under command of the Corp Commanders


2)Within a Corp is a Division

this is the game you are playing e.g Call of Duty is a Division

These are under command of of the Division Officer and every division has its own officer


3) Within a Division is a Brigade

This is what type of gamer you are if you an Actual you are competitive if your not your casual

Under command of the Brigade Commander



4) Within a brigade are Battalions

Battalions are made up of multiple 10 man gaming squads

Battalions are under command of the Commanding Officer


5) Within a Battalion are squads

These are the backbone of the Clan and the squad you are in determines who you will play your games with.

Squads are under command of the Squad Leader





To join you must be 18 or over

Have a working microphone

and be able to make the two training sessions.


If you are interested in Joining

Message dF Vengeance on Xbox

For PS3 reply on this Discussion


Also check out our site http://misfitactual.com/mxa-homepage/