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[LPG*] LegitPainGaming Epic New Clan Lots Of Stuff!

We are now recruiting. We are a YouTube clan into Modding, Quick scoping, Trolls, And people who are talented with the COD knife.


Joining with the Modding position would give you access to the coolest vault mods and lobbies. (After Patch)


Joining as the Sniper position gives you the opportunity's to learn more about sniping and trick shotting. You would also end up in a Montage with your gamertag pointed out in the video. (we record for you)


Joining as a Talented Knifer would mean you would be in our "I PWN With My Knife" series.

There are some other features as well you will learn about.


Joining as a Troll would mean you would have your OWN montage of trolling whenever YOUR ready. You would also be put into a group montage.



Some of the features LPG has:


1)Professional website and forums.

2)Hanging with a large community

3)Involved in clan battles.

4)Multiple Platform and Game support (PS3 and XBOX).

5)The ability to have a Admin record what ever you like.

5)No Gamertag change required!

6)This is a "laid back" clan. You don't have to be online 24/7 we understand. If you do get in lets say as a sniper but cant pull and cool shots, that's OK! no need we wont kick you out or anything!

7)K/D is not a factor in our decision Razz

8)And Many more!



Website is being remodeled but will be up soon. To apply talk to me and i will tell you when you can check out our website.


Message me on XBOX, Here, or Email me, Gamertag: "GHETTO x SANTA" Email:"LegitPain7@gmail.com"