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Spider-Man suit

Wil the Classic Spider-Man suit or the orginal Spider man sutie from the other movies com out so we can buy it or was it just for a limited time ???

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    I believe you get it when you buy/download one of the 2 preorder DLCs (Stan Lee or Rhino). Thats how I got it.

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    The Raimi suit (from the previous movie trilogy) is available when you download DLC. That means that if you got the preorder stuff, you got the Raimi suit. When Beenox (and really, it's WHEN and not IF) releases the Rhino and Stan Lee DLC Packs on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, you just have to buy one of them to get the Raimi suit. Of course, if they end up releasing "alternate costume" DLC packs, then you will get the suit that way, too.


    The classic red and blue suit from the comics is unfortunately not in the game. Hopefully they'll release it as part of an Alternate Costume DLC Pack in the future, but as of right now it is impossible to use.