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COD4 Multiplayer Petition: What do you think? Remake or fix? REPLY PLEASE!


Hello Infinity Ward, Activision and Gamers.


COD4 came in 2007 and made COD the way it is right now. But that game that gave IW and Activision all those billions profit on the next COD games that came after it, is now ruined by hackers,glitchers and mods! 75% of the lobbies in COD4 are filled with Hackers, Cheaters, Glitchers, De-rank lobbies, prestige lobbies, speed lobbies, unlimited ammo lobbies and more! I asked multiple times why they don't fix it, and the answer i get is: it will probably not happen because the game is old. So they just leave the game that made COD the way it is now alone and don't pay any attention to it!


My opinion is they need to make a cheap remake of the multiplayer that will cost around 10 to 15 dollars. They won't make alot profit with it but I think will make alot of people really happy. This will probably never happen i guess but i just wanted to say this.


If they are going to remake it please keep the game it is and don't add any new perks , weapons, weapon buffs or new spawn system in it because it will probably not make it better. If you guys could give it some better graphics that would be cool. It's like the remake of Halo 1 that's now called halo Anniversary!(remake).


It would also be nice to see some extra free new maps coming back to MW3! Like Pipeline or Shipment. This is also a great idea to make the COD community better. So they will get a little of the COD4 Feeling back in the latest COD.


Please spread this post to your friends and other websites.


Let me know what you guys think!


What about fixing the game? (Extra Info)


Well fixing the security and community of COD4 will not be easy because if they want to fix it, they need to build to security up again from the ground... And this will cost them alot of money. So i think its better when they create a remake of COD4.