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Since Terminal is being brought back...

What other maps would you guys like to see return? Post and discuss below.


I would like to see:


Toujane (CoD 2): MW3 is the only Modern Warfare game not to feature a CoD 2 remake. With the Africa setting already in MW3, this great map would be a perfect fit.


Crossfire (CoD 4): This map was amazing on ground war and truly had something for everyone. This could also make a great capture the flag and kill confirmed map.


Crash (CoD 4): This map is too good to be skipped.


Shipment (CoD 4): And I don't want this only as a face-off map. Allow players to enjoy the hectic crazyness that this map once was, because I find it to be very fun as a once in a while map.


Bog (CoD 4): There was always a high level of risk and intensity on this map, especially in an objective mode. This has open areas for sniping, as well as close quarters.


Carentan/Chinatown (CoD1/CoD2/CoD4): This map has been remade twice before, and it's for a good reason. It's fantastic. I could also be putting Wasteland on here, but I don't think that it fits in well with the Modern Warfare setting, for a variety of reasons.


Highrise (MW2): One of the best MW2 maps.


Invasion (MW2): I don't know, I've always just had a lot of fun on this map.


Update: I forgot that these maps would also be in survival. Shipment anyone?