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There is a difference.....


     I've been reading alot of these posts from people complaining about the games match making and lag issues and blamming the programmers at activision, talking about how they took C#, C+ or C++ programming in school and they could fix the issues. I just wanna know what exactly they would fix do to the fact that the match making and lag has absolutly nothing to do with in-game-programming. It's activisions shitty network you guys need to be complaining about, not the programmers. I took C+ programming and let me tell ya, IT SUCKED and it is hard work for just a bunch of typing code. I'm not, in any way, shape or form saying that I could fix it. I'm just saying, give credit where credit is do or not do. Because we all can admit it that the game it's self is awsome, thanks to the programmers, but the match making and lag sucks, thanks to the networking department. Now there is some programming that goes in to networking, but not near as much as the game it's self.