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(Xbox Only) (QuickScope/TrickShot only) TeQniQ looking for new members *Change Gamertag*


I set up a new clan a couple of days ago called TeQniQ we are a trickshot/quickscope clan only on the xbox. We currently have 2 members with 2 people still deciding. The only requirement is that you change your gamertag to TeQniQ _______ As we get bigger we could make a youtube channel and post cool clips or even make a website. We play on Mw2 and Mw3 as these are the best for sniping and we play on any gamemodes such as S&D, TDM and Domination. We play together and we are all friends. If you want to join, send a request through elite or send a message through Xbox to TeQniQ Fate. I will then go into a private match and have a look at you. I hope you join so we can grow.


TeQniQ Fate