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Modern Warfare 3 Classic Mappack + Classic Playlist [Free]


I think it would be a great idea if IW makes a Classic Mappack with maps from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 in a Special Playlist for them. But they also need to put them in the normal playlist. This would be great because Modern Warfare 3 is the final Modern Warfare Game.


Maps i would love to see in the Mappack:


Call of Duty 4:

- Pipeline

- Shipment

- Killhouse

- Crossfire


Modern Warfare 2:

- Favela

- Highrise

- Rust

- Sub Base

- Afghan


Classic Playlist:

- Team Deathmatch

- Domination

- Search and Destroy

- Capture the Flag

- Free for All


Which Maps would you love to see back?