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(Xbox Only) (QuickScope/TrickShot Only) SyKeZ looking for new members

Hi I started a clan called        SyKeZ        We are a quickscoping/trickshotting clan on the xbox who play for fun really but take part in clan ops aswell. We play on Mw2 and Mw3 but it would be better if you had Mw2 as we play on that more. We play in any team based gamemode we feel like eg. TDM, KC, Dom and we try to play together as much as possible. There are no requirements lik having a mic or a certain kd etc but as we grow we might change our gamertags to SyKeZ ______ .

If you want to join send a request through Cod elite as it's free to sign up and i dont reply to Xbox messages.

Thanks and I hope you join

TeQniQ Fate