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Idea for Local , LAN and private matches .


The Idea I've got is simple. When in pregame lobby the Host will be able to choose the map as it is done from the beginning of zombies but there in the settings you will be able to change the game settings . Clicking or selecting this link in the setting will open up a new menu with checklists and settings. There will be one checkbox at the top which will say enable MapChanges. Checking this will open a lot more selection that were darkened before and you couldn't choose.. If you click this the whole game won't count in the leaderboards.

The option that will get lightened will be :

_ Enable Campbreakers

_ Enable Boss rounds

_ Enable Drop bonuses


      _ Max ammo

      _ ....Etc

      _ ....


_Enable Pack-a-Punch

_Have all doors open

Starting money :

Starting weapon :[Select]

Weapons enabled:

_ Weapon 1

_ weapon 2

_ Etc

Starting round:

_Round limit :

Health:_        ( Normal or other value to choose)

Other stats : _ ( Normal or other value to choose)

Weapons in the box : Check which ones you want


_Friendly fire.

_ Enable Suicides ( suicides using explosives or from falling)

_Wierd staff  ( some thing that will be cool and will make the game so different( like the deathcards in  world at wat)

      -When hitting headshot zombies explode

       -Only headshots deal damage

       - When sprinting every zombie you collide with is knocked down

       -Extra damage

       -Zombies are faster

       -When hitting walls the bullets reflect and continues to move until it hits a zombie

       - ...Etc


+ any other option you might think