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Clan Ops need to be Re-designed


There are so many problems with the clan operations currently offered by Elite. Here are some of the problems, and I have a solution that could easily solve them so we consumers can have a better experience from Elite.


Keep in mind the official definition of boosting: Any player demonstrating 'game abuse' in the form of organizing cooperative or single game play for the purpose of gaining experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles or other related in-game unlocks.


On a side note, I find this definition to be retarded. Anything including just straight out TEAMWORK can be considered boosting according to this definition.


Current Problems with Clan Ops:



1. Large and Small Clans DO NOT have an equal chance of winning operations:


Most clan operations are not designed for small clans, because it is much easier to win an operation like TDM or KC with 36 premium members. Why? Because many of the high ranking clans (including the one that has won several champion badges in a row now) have 6 or more parties running during TDM or KC clan ops. This would be fine if the parties were all just going for the operation's objectives, because then small clans would have an equal chance, but that is not the case. The 6 parties contain one kill confirmer or one killer (depending on whether the operation is KC or TDM) and 5 dummies. This enables the top 6 players of the clan to earn tags or kills at a much faster rate than any small clan would ever be capable of doing. Is this a form of "game abuse" in the form of gaining score etc?


Here is an example:

One clan got 1st place with 5,721 confirms. There are 65 confirms/game, which means if the top six played in the same party like a small clan would, they played 88 games within 180 minutes. This means they played .49 games/min, or 1 game every 2 min. Counting lobby time, this means the top 6 won every game within 60 seconds (if they had played in a party). Can your small clan win 88 games in a row each within 60 seconds to compete with this strategy used by larger clans? No. Clan operations are supposed to be fair to both small and large clans.



2. Clan Operation Objectives make playing the game unlike how it is supposed to be played. To Win.


During clan operations like DOM or KC, the motives of clans trying to win the operation change. It no longer matters about winning the match. It matters about getting the most dog tags or flag captures as quickly as possible. You can play terribly in Domination by getting 10 kills and 40 deaths, you lose that match, but you got 10 captures that match. You repeat this and get a gold Badge for the operation, yet you played terribly with your K/D and W/L ratios that plummeted. I know people who play to get many more kills than deaths. I know people who play to get many more wins than losses. I don't know any people who play to get as many captures or dog tags as possible while not caring what the other team does. Defending flags in DOM and playing cautiously in KC to avoid dropping tags to win the match doesn't exist during clan operations.



3. Boosting


We all know how easy it is to boost for flag captures, kills, dog tags. I need not say more.



4. Timing


What's up with the same three times every weekend? There should be many more clan ops available at many more times. Every day. You don't have to play all of them. Maybe two can be set at the same time, too? Also, there are people who live in other times zones than me, I'm sure they don't want to play MW3 from 5am to 8am twice a week.



5. Length


Clan Ops don't always have to be 3 hrs in length, maybe? Make some shorter.



6. Game Types


Do game modes other than DOM, TDM, or KC exist? You might say it would be pretty dumb for there to be a clan op for most plants or defuses in SND, and I would agree. That is why I offer the following solution to all the problems with clan ops that I have listed.




Make the objective for all clan ops, no matter what the game mode, be MOST WINS! If six premium members were in one party and they won a match, that would be 1 win for each, and 6 wins for the entire clan. They could still play separately, but would have a greater chance at winning a match by playing together in a party as a CLAN. Large and small smalls would have closer to equal chances of winning clan operations, as the strategy I wrote about above would not work. Large clans could still have multiple parties playing during operations. MW3 would be played how it was meant to be played. Boosting for wins is much more difficult to arrange than boosting for game mode objectives (imagine DOM). Clan operation timing and length can be changed whether they change the point of clan ops to wins or not, obviously. And finally, all game modes from MW3 can be included. This seems ideal to me. What do you guys think?