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Pros/Cons to Support Package


Here is my take on Pros and Cons to Support Package, feel free to add yours.




It helps the team

They don't reset upon death

You can receive killstreaks that kill the enemy

Has the most powerful killstreak in game (EMP)




You can't switch classes or you'll lose them

Nobody uses ballistic vest when you lay them down (sometimes)

It kind of hinders your KD by not using assault (I can raise my KD faster with Assault)

You get flamed for using them (mainly Stealth Bomber)

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    Not much to add to what you've already said really, sums it up pretty much.


    I use a mix of the three packages.  If I get thrown into a match halfway through or worse then I always use specialist because a couple of kills and you get something unlocked, more XP.  I only play domination so KDR isn't critical to me, but if my morale needs a boost then I run assault and go with pred, airstrike and chopper, get the pred the other two generally follow.


    Because I am playing dom I use support a lot, having gone through my specialist phase I find with support you can stop the enemy dead in their tracks when they keep calling in assault rewards, they dont know what to do with themselves.  I run with adv uav, SB and EMP, and only call them in once I have all three,  I've cycled through twice in one game and got to one kill/cap for the third EMP which is my current personal goal!


    For me the biggest advantage of support is that it encourages you to run about, if you camp with it then you'll be lucky to get more than a SAM turret.  Run with it and you will almost always add one, two or three points before dying.  At the end of the match you are likely to be close or better to even on KDR, and if you have a semi decent team with you then the win as well.

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      Pro the recon drone has the same amount of flares as a 12 killstreak pave low.

      And more than attack chopper lol

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      I agree, you can run with it.  You are less likely to camp, unlike assault, trying to get that last kill for the killstreak.


      I prefer playing support, just because people take out assault too easy.

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        Yep, another plus.


        Just used the escort airdrop, got an EMP, juggernaught, remote sentry and IMS, how wicked is that!  Used TI because you nearly always die when you call in escort airdrops before you get to pick up the goodies.  This time I didn't.  Best thing was when I called in my adv uav there was a guy sat next to my TI waiting for me to appear, clearly not realising I was in my juggernaught gear and he had quite a wait when really he should have just smashed it and carried on with the objective.  I ended up 25-25 but we won by 75 pts in the end.

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    I agree that support was made for objective players. I don't use it much in my regular gameplay but during the clan ops were you have to complete the objective in order to score I use it quite liberally.  And I for one appreciate that the killstreaks don't reset once you die because if you're playing the objective, you are going to die.  I think that support is the leg up that objective players needed to even things out with the pure kill orientated players. Btw I've called in plenty of AC130's in my time and I'm 20th prestige.  So I have no life but I definitely know how to get killsteaks.

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    They're a good intro to the game for newer players but open to abuse on certain modes by more experienced players.

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    I think everything has been covered by all those above me.

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    I've recently started using the Support Package more and what I've noticed, being a player that mostly plays alone, and tends to get thrown on those really bad teams that gives the other teams multiple rewards have realized how important the SAM Turrent is and love that remote sentry gun. I don't like the Stealth Bomber (but I use it) b/c I seem to die at least once a game from them. I think it should be in the Assault Package.