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Why won't black ops for xbox work?

For me, I am honestly a hardcore gamer. I may be a girl, but hell. I like to play black ops every night. It's much more entertaining than any other game. But for right now, and yesturday, the game has been acting incredibly stupid. Black ops is my life. I'm not allowed on the computer all the time, but I can play Zombies alright, but that gets boring. I have a friend leaving to England tomorrow and I would like to play with him now. It won't let you join games, it won't let you play Free for All without incredilag. It took about ten minutes? Just for the game to start. Then it wouldn't let you do ANYTHING. Just stand there. This pisses me off because I like to play all night. I would like to right now, but if not, I'll have to dig out the Ben and Jerrys and watch random crappy movies on Netflix. I'd prefer to play Black Ops, but it's not working. Can you guys just tell me if I'm the only one having this issue? I'm getting pissed at it. I had to resolve to watching RUGRATS. See? RUGRATS.