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possible answer to shangri-la mountains mystery

Ok, so if u look at the start screen for Shangri-la, you see the buildings being sucked up into a tornado, a mountain, and also that the eclipse is on.  So I believe that the eclipse has to be on for the mystery to be solved, however if it were this easy it wouldnt be zombies best kept secret. Unfortuantely the eclipse wears off after awhile, so how can anything significant be done during the eclipse?  Well i just remembered that alot of people have told me, never to press the button above quick revive, because it keeps the eclipse on... FOREVER.  I think that the designers wouldnt just put that in the game to mess with us, but for something bigger.  Please leave comments and ideas (but no trolling or flaming please.) im on ps3 if anyone wants to try and help me confirm this theory: simROD624


Let me know what you think!